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Sweet-It is the first to make VitaFiber IMO available to the public!   Put a deliciously sweet, healthy and satisfyng sugar-free twist on your classic favorites, or blaze new trails in your kitchen adventures ~ your taste buds are in for a treat!

Sweet-It VitaFiber IMO Powder


 f e a t u r e d     p r o d u c t s

  Sweet-It VitaFiber IMO Syrup

Sweet    just    met   heal‚Äčthy

  your quest is over

Zero Sugar  ~  No Aftertaste  ~  Low Calorie 

Super Versatile  ~  Baking  to  Beverages  

Gluten Free  ~  Non-GMO  ~  Vegan 

 Nothing Artificial  ~  No Stevia        

No Sugar  Alcohols ~ Low Glycemic 

Supports Digestive Health                    Excellent Source of Prebiotic Fiber              Does Not Cause Tooth Decay                 Diabetic Friendly  ~  No Allergens

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